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Campus Community

Givat Zvi ( which is Hebrew for Stag Hill) is the name of the Jewish campus community at the University of Surrey. The community is made up of Jewish staff and students with a cross-communal approach. Jewish life on campus is becoming more diverse. In the coming year the Jewish Society will put on a variety of activities including:- Shabbat Dinners, Purim and Hanukah Parties, Bagel lunches, J-Com Conference. Join the Jewish Society to find out more. There are weekly Shuirim on campus at the Chaplaincy Centre

Jewish Common Room

There is a small Jewish Common Room on campus for rest, reflection, prayer and Friday night dinners. We have recently installed a Kosher microwave in the room. Come in and have a cup of coffee, sit and read the Jewish News and enjoy our shared space.

Kosher Guide for students

Currently the University shop does not appear to stock Kosher foods, therefore below is a Kosher guide to Guildford.

Waitrose - Cobham The largest Kosher supplier in Surrey is at Cobham Waitrose. There are separate frozen goods, refrigerated goods, dry goods, wine and bread Kosher sections. These supply meat from Gilberts and Yarden, bread from Buckingham Bakeries, Chevington Cheese and some Israeli wine. Both Ocado and will deliver these goods within the Surrey area for those who do not access to a car (though Waitrose can be reached by train). 

Food for Thought ( Guildford) Food for Thought in Leapale Road off North St, have a wide range of Kosher vegetarian products, including Tivali products from Israel and Tofutti products such as spreadable cheese and ice cream. This is fast becoming the leading supplier ( though slightly more expensive) of Kosher vegetarian products in Guildford.


Supervised and Unsupervised Bread: Kingsmill Bread The Sephardi Kashrut Authority has approved with immediate effect all bread,rolls and muffins produced by Allied bakeries and made under the Kingsmill brand. Pas Palter have decided given the widely available range of affordable bread in the county and Kosher Challah (Buckingham) at Waitrose Cobham to remove its supervision from local bakeries for the time being. "Pas Yisroel" ( Jewish bread) is available at Waitrose in Cobham - both Challah and Rye Bread.

Local Synagogues

This is a list of synagogues in Surrey with links to website portals. The Jewish Chaplaincy has a good working relationship with all communities in the area.