Olympic Photo Album An honour to be part of the Games.

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Alex Goldberg with Farah Pandith and Hannah Rosenthal

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Olympic Stadium 2012

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Alexander Goldberg - Olympic Chaplain

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Women's Football Final Olympics 2012

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Alex Goldberg being interviewed by the BBC

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Olympics 2012

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Olympics - Day off in the stadium watching Jessica Ennis

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Alex Goldberg - Olympic Chaplain

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Close finish - Olympics

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Alex Goldberg

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Alex Goldberg in the Olympic Stadium

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Full stadium

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Alex Goldberg and Andy Walton

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Mezzuzah on Olympic faith room

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TV control at the Olympics

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Meeting visitors at the Olympics

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Meeting visitors at the Olympics

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Alex Goldberg helped ensure Kosher sandwiches for all at the Olympics

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TV producers at London 2012

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Alex Goldberg wearing a Brazilian yarmulke in anticipation for Rio 2016

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Media Chaplaincy

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Wembley Final Olympic Games

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Stratford Olympic Park

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Fans enjoying a final at the Olympics

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Paralympics - with Judith Heumann and Ann Cody IPC member at a community event during the paralympics