Multi-faith centre plans approved

Proposals for a purpose-built multi-faith centre have been approved, the University of Surrey has said.
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The £6m facility is being built on the Guildford campus to house six world faiths in a single building, providing a base for the university chaplaincy.

It will help to develop inter-faith programmes and be open to all students and staff, a statement said.

A fundraising appeal has been launched to raise the money and the project is expected to be finished by 2010.

Alex Goldberg, the university's Jewish chaplain, said the project would be seen as "leading the way" in solving issues of community relations, cohesion and integration.

Dr Abdul Mateen Sansom, the Muslim chaplain, added that it was a "sorely-needed practical solution to student needs".
The centre will contain dedicated space for Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities, together with open space for the practices of Buddhist and Hindu traditions.